A collection of hand operated diver’s air pumps. These pumps were meant to provide air to divers in warm shallow water.

Morse #15 shallow water divers air pump

Hand Operated Air Pumps

The Diving Machines’ collection of mid-1900's hand-operated American shallow water hard hat diver's pumps include the Morse #15, Miller Dunn and Diving Equipment & Supply Co. systems. These heavy all brass pumps have two reciprocating cylinders mounted astride a vertical or horizontal support with pivoting rocker arms. A steel handle used at the top of the rocker is pushed back and forth actuating the leather ringed piston plungers, forcing air up through a non-return check valve and on to the diver's helmet.

The New York-made Snead two-stage pump provided a higher pressure than most equal cylinder-sized lever pumps. Air from the larger cylinder was compressed down into a smaller cylinder providing even a greater out pressure for higher pressure applications.

Single-cylinder air pump with volume tank.

Cleveland and Faucet Co. hand air pump, Cleveland Ohio, USA.

Early US Navy modified hand operated shallow water divers air pump

Rotary Pumps

Morse Diving two-cylinder rotary diver’s hand-operated air supply pumps.

Morse Diving single-cylinder rotary diver’s hand-operated air supply pump.